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I act as if I already have what I want—
I believe in myself and take action, I can do this!

  • Make a decision. Whether you want to lose ten pounds, meet your soul mate, start a business, or get in shape for that smokin’ hot little black dress, you have to make the decision to take action. The want has to be bigger than the how. 
Write your plan on paper with specific goals and dates. Use the My Personal Action Plan worksheet which is free is you sign up for my email list.
  • Devise a plan. Let’s say you want to lose ten pounds. You know your eating habits will have to change or you’ll have to make exercise a part of your daily routine. Make a promise to yourself to do one or the other or both for 30 days, no matter what! Keep a written food journal to track your successes.
  • Give yourself credit. There will be days—when life happens- you’ll get a cold, you have a bad day at work, your beloved dog or cat ends up at the vet terribly ill, you’ll have an argument with a significant other— that will offer excuses to not follow through. But you made a decision to stick with it, no matter what. So you, my friend, will go for a walk, journal, pray or bypass that delicious chocolate cake!
  • Share your success with others. What you are doing is awesome and you should tell others how you feel about sticking with your decision to take care of yourself. This will serve as verbal reinforcement of your commitment to success.
  • Take advantage of the supportive, loving community on the Leading Ladies in Action Facebook Page *add link here so you can continue to stay focused and encouraged in making positive changes for ultimate fulfillment.
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