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When I was a Regional Sales Director, the president of my company insisted that all the Directors of the company read The Art of War, a book of military strategy written more than 2,000 years ago by a Chinese general.  It was mandatory that we read this book and consider ourselves “at war” with our competition, utilizing the strategies of the general to declare victory on the battlefields of our customers.  Sales are all about winning, and I knew sales were all about winning, being at the top of the heap.  However, I was at a time in my own life when I was discovering my own spirituality. As I meditated daily and grew spiritually, I realized my goal was not to be at war with others, but to be at peace with them.

I have known about war, as there is an Inner Critic that lives between my ears, that is constantly berating me for not sticking to diet, the need to make more money, the house not being clean enough, my car is dirty, I have more wrinkles today than I did yesterday. . Many of us have that inner critic in our heads constantly beating us up, and telling us we are not enough. We need more. We were raised to believe in the American dream of struggling, achieving and having more.

I have discovered a solution to my anxiety, and unhappiness.  A simple way to quiet the crazy inner critic in my head. It is the way of surrender. I wasn’t raised to surrender, so at first it was nearly impossible to achieve. For most of us, when we hear the word surrender, it brings up negative feelings. We think it means waving the white flag and giving up. As a child, my father taught me to never quit. Quitters never win, and winners never quit. So this was an belief I have held for many years.

When we think of spiritual surrender, it is not about defeat. It is about ending the struggle, stopping the negative, destructive self-talk and replacing it with positive loving thoughts. Spiritual surrender is about acceptance of where we are right now, and faith.

Knowing that there is a higher power in the Universe and I am not it. A loving, compassionate and kind power that is always available to us if I just check in.

What do you need to surrender today? To let go of and turn towards acceptance and faith?



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