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About Coach Kymberly


Kymberly Keenan Lifestyle Coach

Once upon a time there lived a little girl who dreamt of becoming a great big movie star. She would watch old movies of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor on television, and have the most wonderful time pretending to be them. And when she’d stand in front of a mirror and awkwardly step into her mother’s high heels, she’d imagine that she alone could fill the grown-up shoes of her movie star heroines. It was fun, until one day she realized that the shoes she wanted to fill were already filled…by the movie stars themselves. She sadly found out that she couldn’t fit into anyone else’s shoes except her own and just where was the fun in that?

She grew up, as all little girls must, and became one of the most successful and respected sales and marketing directors for assisted living communities in the entire country. And while it felt terrific helping so many people by being a great sales director, it was also nice to get the goodies that come with being successful; things like expensive dresses, and fancy cars, and shiny jewelry. But after a while the expensive dresses and the fancy cars and the shiny jewelry that she owned began to lose its magic. She was sad and feeling the same way she had once felt when she realized that she could never fill the shoes of the movie stars that she once imagined she could become.

But then she had a fantastic realization. She realized that she could be the star of her own dreams. And not only the star, but also the writer, and the director, and the producer! What she wanted more than anything else was to help other women to reach their dreams, to reach their potential, and to fulfill their own wonderful lives. She knew this would give her more happiness than anything else in the world. And that’s exactly what happened. So she and all of the terrific women who always dreamt of becoming the star and the writer and the director and the producer of their own lives, and who worked to achieve it, lived fantastically ever after. And most importantly, they were truly happy, because they had made the decision to change their lives for the better, to do those things that they loved the most, and to never go about trying to fill anyone else’s shoes (or dreams), except their own.

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