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Kymberly Keenan Lifestyle Coach

Kymberly Keenan built a successful career as an Executive Sales and Marketing Director over the last 20 years in Healthcare. Responsible for everything from marketing and sales to leadership and talent, she gained the most enjoyment from the coaching, mentoring, training and development aspects of her job.

Although she was highly successful in her career, she had not yet fulfilled her deepest desires; to have a personal life that she loved, a body she was proud of, the right person she could share her life with, and being of service to others by assisting other women in fulfilling their dreams.

Toward this end, Kymberly changed her own life by losing 60 pounds, meeting the love of her life and marrying him, and making healthful changes that most importantly included living a life dedicated to a higher calling.

Kymberly invigorated by her own transformation and wanting to help others to achieve their aspirations is now working as a Lifestyle Coach specializing in weight loss, transitions, love, and career coaching. She coaches privately, leads workshops, and is the founder of the Leading Ladies in Action Workshops.

Kymberly has a natural, fun, enthusiastic and energetic way of bringing people together and bringing out their greatness and strengths. She has a strong yet loving approach to coaching, and when connecting with women she helps them to remember who they are by giving them the sacred space to feel safe enough to gather up their courage, speak their dreams out loud, and live the lives they so richly deserve.

Her simple but profound message above all is to “Love yourself” She maintains that, “You are amazing, beautiful and so worth the inward journey to heal yourself and become the star of your own life!”



to awaken your true potential and rediscover your calling.

How long have you been feeling stuck in your life? How long have you been waiting for the right time, the right place, and the right people to show up in your life before you decide to take action?

Every day, you stop yourself short for going after what you really want- the dream of having your own business, losing weight and eating healthy, getting rid of your inner critic and mean self sabotaging self talk, or meeting your soul mate.

But do you know what stops you? I do.

Your dreams, whatever they may be, can be overwhelming. They seem so big, so farway. You think, “There is no way this can happen for me. I may as well let it go and just settle for what I have now.”


Specialized Coaching


“We are women who light up with world. Together with our passions, our stories, our gifts and our strengths we form a powerful union where magic happens.

We are here to build a global community of women that want to live their best life and empower others to do the same. All while having fun and enjoying the ride.“





Today I awaken with Enthusiasm for all of my blessings and am open to all the
miracles the Universe has in store for me.

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