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“It is better to conquer yourself, than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”

There is no perfect time. There is no “wait until tomorrow, next week, next year.”

There is today. Right now.

These words resonate very deeply with me in a very personal way. I am grateful that today I have valuable tools to assist me in recognizing that every day is an opportunity to wake up to what is happening in my life . To be awake and alive to opportunities for growth and miracles. No longer sleep walking through life in a haze of alcohol, workaholism and self-pity.

It took many years to reach the point of being awake and alive. Listening and watching for miracles. However, in 2007, everything came crashing down on me. The pain, isolation, shame, and self-hate took over. My inner critic was talking to me full time and I was walking around feeling so ashamed of myself, but smiling as best as I could manage.

An angel had been put on my pathway in December of 2007. An angel that carried a message of Hope, Love and Strength.
“If not now, when? It is time to take back your power and your life. This is your chance.” The Angel encouraged me to ask for help and reclaim my life. I grabbed a hold of the life preserver and saved my life.

Today I use the power of prayer, and meditation as my daily practice to stay grounded and stay in the now. Awake. Hopeful. Ready for magic and new beginnings.

The following years have been a blessing to me and my family. The road to self-love and self-acceptance has not been easy, but today my life is full of honesty, and acceptance. I am continuing to work on being my most loving, perfect and imperfect healthy self. And guess what?I really like myself today. I can go as far as saying, I love myself. This has taken some inner work.

What I know for sure is that when I face my fear and resistance full on, talk to it, acknowledge it for what it is, and ask for help, the fears and resistance leave. By practicing opposites, and replacing my negative thought with a positive powerful thought, I have a new perspective.

What I also know for sure is that nothing is too good to be true, nothing is to wonderful to happen. Nothing is too good to last, when you look to the Infinite spirit for your good. No matter where you are in your life right now, you can reach your hand out, and another hand will be there to lift you up. There are many meet-ups, support groups, counseling and coaching available to get you back on the right track. I love the acronym for HOPE= hold on pain ends. It passes.

So I am asking you, If not now, when?

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