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2015 has been a big year for me. It has been a year of change, change and more change. Where there is change, there is growth. Sometimes the growth is uncomfortable and painful. I have been reading the book “Spirtual Growth” by Sanyana Roman. She talks about going through the “VOID.”

At times in our lives, we pass through a state of consciousness called the void, where we are letting go of old things, and moving to our next level of growth. In the void, you leave behind familiar structures, behaviors, thoughts, habits, attitudes and go deep within to create new ones that match your higher vibration. You will experience the void again and again as you grow. You may feel as if your life is changing rapidly, something new is coming, or your foundations are falling away, leaving you nothing solid to stand on. It is not a comfortable place to be for your personality which likes things comfortable and secure.

The void can come when you are between projects, your child has just left home, you have quit a job, or you are not sure what to do next. One of your close friends may have left, you have moved, or you have found a new home. It sometimes feels as if you are playing the game but do not know the rules. Every void is marked by issues of the heart. You will find yourself asking deep questions such as, “How can I love and accept myself more?” Am I lovable?” Can I have what I want?” What would I want to do with my life?” You may feel softer and more compassionate toward others in this time. You are raising your vibration, expanding your old habits and patterns.

The void may make you feel less social than normal. You may find yourself living alone now. You may feel more distant from your husband or wife, while you feel increased compassion and love for them. During this time you are clearing your aura of other people’s energy as part of the process.

In your deeper wisdom you know that your connection to others is not a substitute for a deeper connection to yourself. As you spend time and get to know yourself better, you will begin to know and understand your thoughts and feelings. To think about what you want to do with your life. As you begin to get to know yourself and make friends with yourself your feelings of loneliness decrease. Your self-love increases and new insights flow in. You begin to carry out the new insights and new energy flows in. You are ready to take action in a note of determination, stronger, ready to leave the void.

If you are going through the void in your own life, hang in there, this too shall pass.

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