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Are You Addicted to Overwhelm? Stress?

We wear stress like a badge of honor, bragging about how our weekend was spent working extra to meet a deadline, how little sleep we got last night or how we are just too busy to take a vacation. According to a survey by NPR and the Harvard School of Public Health 65% of Americans reported feeling a “great deal of stress”. Experts believe that that our relationship with stress is partly self-imposed-meaning many of us are addicted to stress as though they were alcohol, or drugs.

Let’s Get High On Stress

Hormones like cortisol and adrenaline pump through our body in dangerous situations. Racing to meet that deadline, close the sale, or meet a new internet date may summon the same agents as fight-or-flight in our bodies. Summoning our strength to funnel resources to the brain and muscles. Things go wrong when cortisol and adrenaline remain in our bodies for a prolonged period of time when chronic stress continually pollutes our system. Wreaking havoc with our digestive system, skin, nails, weight, heart- chronic stress gets you hooked like a drug addict seeking a bigger fix all the time. We become adrenaline junkies which eventually leads to workaholism.

Breaking the Stress and Overwhelm Addiction

Stress, Overwhelm and anxiety can cause an array of long term physical and mental issues including depression, weight gain and heart problems. Other problems like insomnia, frequent colds, muscle aches, and anxiety is a warning sign that stress is taking a toll on you.  The first step in breaking the addiction of overwhelm is to unplug. Yes unplug your phone . Start out with 15 minutes a day and increase from there. No email or calls for an entire day off, just relaxing and having some fun!

Relax and Ditch the Critical Voice in Your Head

Give the self-criticizing voice in your head a name. When it surfaces, respond with something like, “Thank you for sharing Punky, please have a seat in the baby chair. Bye!” ┬áSpend time relaxing or meditating. Meditation does not have to be boring! There are over 200 types of meditation practices, from zen to dancing to sex to yoga.


Massage can have a very powerful effect on your body and emotional state. Massage aids in releasing tension that has been stored in the muscles and tissues as well as decreasing anxiety and bringing peace and well being to you.


Breathing is truly one of the easiest ways to LET GO of stress, Overwhelm and anxiety. When you engage in the practice of breathing, you naturally oxygenate your brain giving you the opportunity for more clarity and insight into your life.

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