There is a very important topic that is core to in my life and sales coaching as well as my events and workshops i hold. The topic is resistance.
Resistance to love. Resistance to happiness. Resistance to freedom. Our resistance is the reason why so many of us stay stuck in patterns and behaviors that keep us from moving forward.

The key to attracting what we want in life is to release the resistance we feel. When you release resistance, you become like a magnet to good.

Our thoughts are powerful as we know and science has backed this up…thoughts become things. There have been many times in my life that I have become complacent
and just coasted through life accepting whatever comes my way. I was afraid to look vulnerable or silly by taking that leap of faith and going for what I truly desired. Love. Happiness. Peace of mind. Asking for a raise. Starting my own business. I was always getting ready to get ready.

Sending messages out to the universe, “Yes this is what I want!” “Wait, no I am not sure, I am scared!” Stop and go on the roller coaster of emotion and then wondering WHY I was not achieving my dreams! It was all about the resistance that I was feeling and trying to fight. I just needed to surrender and let go.

The best time in your life is right NOW. I was a procrastinator and a perfectionist which resistance loves. If you desire change in your life, the decisions and commitments you make today are important. Setting clear intentions for what you want and making a strategy to achieve them gives a clear wide open signal to the Universe that YES this is happening!Letting go of resistance and trusting is always the best possible step as we replace fear. The truth is we are far more comfortable in a state of fear than in a place of love and joy.

So letting go of resistance means letting go of outcomes, letting go of controlling other people, praying for certain outcomes, numbing out with drugs and alcohol and other self-destructive actions because your resisting feelings or situations that scare you.

The first step is to acknowledge the resistance. Our loving miracle mindset wants to be at peace. But our ego is fearful and enjoys staying in judgement. Practice joy and laughter. When we raise our vibration to joy and love, it gives us the energy to move forward with hope in often hopeless situations. Release the resistance to feeling good and know that struggle and pain are not necessary to enjoy the journey. You can let go now of any struggles and return to love.

It is my highest desire to assist you in helping you to achieve your highest and best possible good! If you need mentorship or coaching, please text me at (727) 742-9354. I am happy to speak with you and see if we are the right fit to help you manifest the desires of your heart, focus on your strengths, and find your purpose with commitment and faith.

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